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Shipping Documents

All documents and non-documents in and out of a country are subject to customs inspection. Depending on local legislation and regulations, the import or export of some goods may be restricted or forbidden, and the customs agency enforces these rules. It is shipper’s responsibility to make sure that the items are not restricted or prohibited in that particular country prior to sending.

The commercial invoice is considered a very important document as it serves as the starting or initiating document that underpins the rest of the export transaction. The commercial invoice will normally be presented on the exporter's letterhead and will be addressed to the importer. It should contain full details of the consignment, including price and other related costs, in order to facilitate customs clearance. It must also be signed and dated. The commercial invoice is used by Customs authorities throughout the world for assessing Customs duties, inspection purposes.

A pro forma invoice is presented in the place of a commercial invoice when there is no sale between the sender and the importer (for example, in the case of an RMA for replacement goods), or if the terms of the sale between the seller and the buyer are such that a commercial invoice is not yet available at the time of the international shipment.

If an individual forwards shipments such as gifts or personal effects etc, invoice has to be enclosed. Some countries may require additional government forms to be filled in (enquire with our staff).

# File Description Download
1 Commercial Invoice
2 Proforma Invoice
4 Invoice for Individuals
5 Declaration for Fragile Items